Pas De Deux

- short film-


Evan, a janitor, who works for a Ballet Company, has been observing how the dancers move. Absorbed by their beauty and elegance a girl catches his eye, Aria, the company Prima Ballerina, who dances gracefully.


Both Evan and Aria are caught in the curiosity of their widely different worlds. Evan decides to take a chance on Ballet, but he is caught using the studio by a Ballet teacher, Violet, and is told to get out. Later on that night Violet observes him performing in the streets and she decides to take a chance on him.

With a juxtaposition of worlds and stereotypes, in which passion is not enough. Violet and Evan will face a series of obstacles to secure Evan a position in the company in upcoming auditions.

Pas De Deux Trailer
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cast & crew

Director & Writer

Irene Marco 


Isabelle Sieb &

Jesus Santaeularia


JP Caldeano

Markus Meedt &

Alex Gudmestad


Scott Clements


Zinia Chan &

Josh Wilkinson


Production Design

Jak Wakefield

Vanessa Fenton



Eloise Hymas

Oliver Wilson

Algina Lipskis

Yavor Konov

Production Company

Golden Ratio Productions